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We specialise in patio and driveway cleaning in Cambridge and surrounding areas, using the most innovative techniques and equipment.

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Welcome to Cambridge Patio & Driveway Cleaners

A warm welcome from our cleaning team at Cambridge Patio and Driveway Cleaners. We specialise in patio and driveway cleaning, using the very best in equipment and cleaning products.

Over time, patios and driveways can become dirty, covered in weeds, moss and algae with a build-up in surface growth. Regular cleaning and maintenance can help ensure your patio and driveway look fantastic, all year round.

Transform your patio or driveway with a professional clean from our friendly team. We offer a free quotation, reliable service and fixed costs. All this backed up with our 100% happiness guarantee.

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Patio Cleaning Cambridge

As Spring and Summer arrive, there is nothing better than sitting outside, enjoying your garden and the Great British sunshine. We can help transform your dirty patio using the latest pressure washing technology and top of the range cleaning products.
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Driveway Cleaning Cambridge

Many homeowners invest considerable money in a new driveway. Over time, dirt and surface growth can build up and ruin the appearance of your property. Restore your driveway to its former glory with a professional clean from Cambridge Patio and Driveway Cleaning.

Why choose Cambridge Patio & Driveway Cleaning?

If you are looking to clean up your driveway or garden patio call us today on 01223 901 608 or email:

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