What colour sands do you have for patio joints?

Hello to all my regular readers, and welcome if you are new. 

If you have landed on this blog you are probably looking to have your patio or driveway cleaned, and want to know what colour sands we use to do the sand and seal part of your clean. We get asked this question a lot so it’s not uncommon for people not to know… In all honesty I didn’t know we did different colours so I’ve learnt something new too.

If you are busy and need to get on, then go to the section headed ‘What type of sand we use, which will explain the colours we do. The other parts that may interest you later may be the video I added and the other blogs at the end.

If you are here, read the whole lot, then carry on. I will show you how we do a patio clean by adding a short video, and then there will be some other blogs to help you with any other questions you may have. 

A little about our patio team:

Doing a patio clean is a dirty job that takes forever, and if you’re thinking about getting it ready for winter, it’s also the worst job to have to do in the cold. And with spring nearly here you may all be wanting to get your patio ready for BBQ season… eeeekk!! Summer, hot on the newly cleaned patio with your family and friends! Can’t wait!!!!

Our specially trained patio technicians are ready and waiting to help you and they come with:

  • They come with abundant knowledge, and your experience will be the best from start to finish.
  • With them, they will bring a van-mounted machine that is top-of-the-range. Very powerful and ready to tackle the job ahead. 
  • We will use the very best Eco-Friendly products. We are very keen to try and protect our wildlife as much as possible, which is very important. 
  • This process is part of our cleaning package. Give the girls a call in the office, and they will be happy to explain it or visit our website but clicking here.
  • A smile and politeness are part of our package too. You never know who’s day you might make with a smile!

Images of some of the jobs we have done:

About the type of sand we use:

We use a specially formulated sand compound called Easy joint, which is resin and cement-free. 

So that you get the very best result, these are the reasons we use this product:

  • All weather compounds
  • With Years of research and continuous development of our jointing, their compound makes them the leader in their field.
  • If used correctly, there will be no framing or staining. If you try and do it yourself before use, have a read of the detailed instructions.

What colours of sand do we use:

The three colours we use are:

  • Mushroom

This sand is a light brown with cool tones. 






  • Buff

Buff is a slightly warmer shade of brown with a golden sandy mix. It’s very similar to the mushroom.





  • Basalt

Grey and black colours make up this shade, and this is our go-to for your beautiful Slate patio however you can also use it with whites, greys, blacks, and browns as it is a very adaptable colour.





These are the colours that we generally use. There are a few others. However, in all the years we have been doing this, we found that these three are the most common. Always ask if there is one we don’t do all the time. If we can help we will!

A short video on how we clean our patios:

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So that’s everything; I hope you enjoyed reading it. Thank you, and have a fantastic day.

Written by Tracey Gilbey, Marketing and Admin Coordinator at Art of Clean.

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