How do you stop your patio from being slippery?

I know some of you are very busy so if you want prevention tips, please see the section headed ‘how to stop your driveway being slippery’. The section headed ‘How your professional can help you to stop your driveway being slippery’ may also be helpful. There is a short video on how we cleaning your driveway or patio. For those who quite like to read, keep going. 

Winter is on its way, the weather is starting to change, and no one wants a dirty, green, slippery patio. We don’t spend as much time outside when the weather turns, but there are good reasons for maintaining your patio in the colder months. 

While we may not entertain on our patios over the autumn and winter, most people use their patios as an access route, so keeping it safe is still necessary.

Slip Risk

Many people only see one slip danger in the winter: snow and ice. The difference is that we know to be careful with snow and ice. We don’t, however, see the danger of come algae sitting on the patio, but it is. 

Algae is just one of the growths that like to grow on the surface of your patio. As Algae grow, they also stay saturated, causing a significant slip hazard. You won’t believe how many people slip on patios due to what’s growing on your patio. 

I’m terrible at keeping my patio clear, but I will attempt to clear mine this weekend, ready for the rain. 

How to stop your driveway being slippery:

Even though this fungus does grow quickly on any surface, you can maintain it. It is very attracted to your beautiful patio, so here are some tips to help stop it from happening. If we prevent the below, we remove the shade and an enormous amount of moisture, eliminating the ideal growing environment. 

  • Tip 1 – Keep your bushes and hedges trimmed to stop them from overhanging.
  • Tip 2 – Fix and guttering or tap dripping near your patioed areas.
  • Tip 3 – Move all plant pots and avoid having them on the patio from the autumn onwards.
  • Tip 4 – clean off any dirt or mud as this will help the algae spread. Also, very slippery when the weather changes.
  • Tip 5 – If you have any fallen leaves, now’s the time to get them gone.

How your professional can help you to stop your driveway being slippery:

So, this is extremely helpful to you at this time of year. I mean, who really wants to stand out in the colder weather to get wet? 

To give you an idea of how wet, we won’t send our technicians on two jobs if they are cleaning a patio in the morning. To be honest, patio cleaning, correctly done, is going to take a whole day. But if you had a small patio, we wouldn’t be able to send them to another job as they will be far too wet and dirty. 

In all honesty, following the tips is an excellent bit of advice.

But most homeowners invest a great deal of money into features around their home, so treating yourself to a professional who will come with the best equipment and knowledge on how to get your beautiful exterior ready for the change in season is the best thing you can do. 

We don’t want Santa or his reindeer getting injured when they come to deliver your presents. Think of all the children who would miss out. 

Check out this video to see the Art of Clean way to give some love to your stunning surroundings. 

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So that’s everything; I hope you enjoyed reading, have a fantastic day.

Written & Edited by Tracey Gilbey, Marketing and Admin Coordinator at Art of Clean.

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