Will Patio cleaning damage my grass and plants?

Hey, how are we today?! If you have landed on this page, you either want to know if patio cleaning will damage your grass and plants, or you are one of our regular followers. Either way, welcome!

Now how many of us have an oversized patio and cleaning it doesn’t come into mind unless it needs cleaning? Is one of the reasons you’ve avoided patio cleaning because of the damage it may cause to your grass and plants? me too… you have a flower bed with delicate plants that you don’t want to be destroyed. I feel the same! 

But I got you… I thought that by seeing a professional’s process, you might be able to try it yourself. However, if you only want the answer, you can head down to the section “Can my patio be cleaned without damaging surrounding plants and grass?

Right at the end, I will add some useful blogs if you want a patio cleaner for the start of spring next year.

Before and after images of a patio cleaning we did at the beginning of this year, stunning and no damage to plants or grass!


How do professionals clean your patio?

Most professionals will do a deep pressure clean. 

Our cleaning process will be tailored to each customer’s patio or driveway.

The first thing our guys will do is clear any furniture or pots. 

Then they will make sure all loose debris is removed before starting the cleaning process.

We have two different processes:

  • Clean, Sand and Seal

To clean sand and Seal, they will pressure wash your patio first with our van-mounted machine with a pressure of 1000psi. (Your normal home ones run at around 350-400psi.) Once they have cleared as much debris as possible, you may now see darker stains in certain areas. To get these marks off, they will use Sodium hypochlorite. 

The sodium hypochlorite will also break down any bacteria and fungi.

Once the area is completely dry, they will refill it with kiln-dried sand.

Kiln-dried is used as it needs to be fine sand to brush back into the paving joints.

They will then seal all the joints. The sealing process is done to maintain the cleanliness of the patio.

Once the first coat of sealant is dry, they may need to add another.

The patio will again need to dry completely before using it to ensure the sealant has a chance to dry to work.

  • Clean, Point and Seal 

To clean, point and seal, they will clean the patio first, as above.

This time instead of sand, they will use a material called easy joint and seal again. The easy joint will be brushed into the joints, and then, with a pointing tool, they will push down the grout to give it a smoother finish. 

The sealing is the same as the first process.

We also have our specialist cleaning vehicle, which:

  • Will process a large amount of water.

Yes, that means we will have the water for your cleaning. 

To do a patio clean, though, we may have to refill, but we will try not to raise your water bill too high. 

  • Heats the water.

We like to use hot water to ensure the patio is cleaned correctly.

Hot water makes cutting through dirt and grimes a lot easier too!

  • The machine Mixes the solution for the job.

Instead of the team member having to measure out and mix by hand, the van’s machine does this all for them.

Machine mixing ensures the mixture is properly mixed too. 

  • The Van mounted machine Delivers a fantastic cleaning result.

Due to our machine’s high pressure, we can ensure the cleaning is done correctly. 

We only use the best and always recommend making sure you go with someone who will give you a premium clean.

Premium companies will be more expensive, but they will guarantee the best service you deserve.

Can my patio be cleaned without damaging surrounding plants and grass?

And now to answer what’s on all our minds.

Can your patio be cleaned without damaging its surroundings?

Well, yes and no.

The thing that will damage your surrounding plants or grass is the bleach in sodium hypochlorite.

The bleach is needed to get all stubborn marks that you may have.

Without it, the patio will be clean but may not look as good as it would if bleach was used.

Now I would like my patio cleaned, but I’m not particular about it looking flawless.

I love my new little flower bed, and protecting that means more to me than a new-looking patio.

So that is the choice you have:

How much do you love your grass and flower beds?

Could you live with the driveway maybe having a few marks?

If so, then speak to your local company about cleaning without bleach.

If you’re attempting to do this yourself, using a cleaning solution without any bleaching agents is the way to go.

Most will accommodate if you’re happy being left with a few marks. 

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Written and edited by Tracey Gilbey, Marketing and Admin Coordinator at Art of Clean.

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