Guide to professionally cleaning your patio and driveway.

It is pretty easy to hire a pressure washer and clean your property’s patio and driveway areas. However, there are pieces of information you must think about before you invest any effort or time into cleaning your driveway. Look at this article as a guide to professionally cleaning your driveway.

You see… if you don’t understand the necessities, you can cause staining and irreparable damage to your beautiful investment. Here at Art of Clean, our patio and driveway cleaning team is dedicated to ensuring that you, our customers, understand what goes into patio and driveway cleaning. After some research, I have listed some of the most important parts of pressure washing below.

Examine the surface of your driveway before cleaning.

Before committing to any pressure washing service, it’s important that you first have a good look at the condition of your patio or driveway area. What does the surface look like? Are there any chips or cracks that you can see on the surface? Have you got a problem with weeds or similar foliage that is contaminating the joints in your block paving? You should also ensure that your patio and driveway don’t need re-laying or it isn’t sinking… and see if you have any severe staining.

Have you got a block paving or a brick patio or driveway… it is important to think about them when looking into your cleaning plans. 

Different materials require specialised treatments, detergents, pressures, and soaps. Our team can advise you on the correct procedures upon a free quote day… which we highly recommend avoiding disasters on the day!

Prep your driveway ready for pressure washing.

Your patio and driveways will likely collect wrappers, stray leaves, and other debris. Before your patio and driveway is pressure washed, our team suggests you take the time to pull any visible weeds and sweep any loose debris away. We include getting rid of weeds in your service at no additional cost. Weeds growth is something we expect and is another reason we suggest a free-of-charge Quote. 

We also advise keeping pets or children away from your patio or driveway area while you work on it or it dries.

Treat all nasty stains before pressure washing.

They always advise that customers assess the state of their patios or driveway before committing to a pressure washing service. This step is important… different stains may require other treatments. Oil-based stains, such as motor oils or paints, may need to use a paint stripper solution. However, please use it with extreme care. Paint stripper solutions are only for concrete driveways generally. For other stains, regular detergent and scouring will be adequate.

After taking everything into account:

In conclusion, our team adequately prep and ensure your patio and driveway are ready before pressure washing. Our team will collaborate with you to ensure we provide you with the most personalised and professional service. 

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Written by Tracey Gilbey, Marketing and Admin Coordinator at Art of Clean.

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