Can you clean concrete slabs?

To answer the question, ‘Can you clean concrete slabs? Yes, we can, and so can you. If you want to see our process for cleaning patios, head to the part headed ‘Our process. We have some fantastic pictures in our section ‘Here’s one we did before, just before that.

Concrete patios and driveways are indeed durable, affordable, and practical. Design revolutions like adding colour stains, sealers, and stamping concrete have never been so appealing. 

The biggest cleaning problems we see are:

There are, however, three groups of problems you can get when it’s time to clean them. Avoid the three types of stains or deal with them immediately if possible.

·      Mould, mildew, and water stains.

·      Grease and oil stains.

·      Rust stains

Now you can treat these yourself, but we don’t recommend all the home remedies using baking soda and vinegar.

Why do concrete patios get worn?

Many natural factors can stain your patio: Any regular traffic can track grime, grease, and dirt over cement flooring.

All patios get lots of use during warmer months and to harsh weather in the winter.

This exposure can leave your walkway, concrete pavers, cement deck, and other patio features appear less than appealing.

Here’s one we did before:

Our Patio cleaning process:

Whether you are removing stuck-on stains or spring cleaning, with or without a pressure washer, here’s how to easily clean a concrete or cement patio.

From start to finish, we tailor your quote to suit you.

One of our skilled technicians will visit and do a free-of-charge quote, where they will offer you one of our processes.

Once you have accepted the quote, our skilled office admin will make an appointment that suits you.

Then one of our technicians will let you know on the day when they are on their way.

I feel the best way for us to know is to see, so here is a video of our patio and driveway cleaning process:

What we will turn up with:

· Knowledge: we come with 17 years of experience and continue to update training.

· Customer-focused: our mission is to deliver the most outstanding service to every customer.

· Eco-Friendly products: we use specially formulated solutions. Looking after our environment and wildlife means a lot to us.

· Specialist cleaning vehicle: our van can process large amounts of water. Heats the water to the correct temp. Mixes the cleaning solution just right. Assists in delivering a fantastic result.

· 100% money back service guarantee: yes, we offer 100% Happiness because we know we will make you happy!

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So that’s everything; I hope you enjoyed reading it. Thank you, and have a fantastic day.

Written by Tracey Gilbey, Marketing and Admin Coordinator at Art of Clean.

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