Why and how to clean your gravel driveways.

Gravel driveways are becoming a trendy option for homeowners because they are low-maintenance, affordable investments… they also have a rustic charm that can enhance the outside aesthetic appeal of your property. However, like any other outdoor surface, gravel driveways need regular maintenance to keep them functional and clean. In this blog, we will discuss how and why you need to clean your gravel driveway regularly.

Why Clean Your Gravel Driveways?

With regular use, gravel driveways can become filled with leaves, debris, dirt, and many other particles that can affect their functionality and appearance. As a homeowner, you want to protect your investments… so here are some reasons why you should consider regularly cleaning your gravel driveway:

1. Improves appearance:

A well-maintained and clean gravel driveway elevates the overall appearance of your property. A cluttered or dirty driveway can make your property look uninviting and unkempt.

2. Prevents issues with drainage:

They design gravel driveways to let water flow through them and drain away from your home. If dirt and debris are clogging up your driveway, it can prevent water from flowing correctly… This leads to big puddles forming and even flooding.

3. Increases Lifespan:

Regular maintenance can extend the life of any driveway. A clean driveway is less likely to develop potholes or cracks, and it will look amazing for years to come.

4. Reduces the growth of weeds:

Weeds can grow in the crevices and cracks of a gravel driveway, making it look less appealing. Regularly cleaning and removing debris from your driveway can prevent weeds from taking root.

How to clean your gravel driveways?

Cleaning your gravel driveway is an easy process that you can do in a few simple steps:

  • Step 1 – Clear all the debris from your gravel driveway:

Use a broom or rake to remove any large debris, like twigs, branches, or leaves. Be careful not to remove too much gravel while doing this process.

  • Step 2 – Pressure washer time:

Pressure washers can be a good way to clean a gravel driveway. However, use a low-pressure setting and a wide nozzle to prevent damage to the gravel and any surroundings… If you don’t want to smash your windows, be very careful. Start at one end of your driveway and work your way across, spraying the water downwards as you go.

  • Step 3 – Removing any stains from your gravel driveway:

You can use a commercial cleaner if your driveway has grease or oil stains. I’ve seen a lot of home remedies… a mixture of baking soda and water can apparently remove them. Apply the cleaner to the stain, and leave for a few minutes. If needed, scrub with a stiff brush and rinse with water.

  • Step 4 – Fill in dips in your gravel driveway:

If your driveway has uneven areas or holes, use more gravel to fill them in. Spread the gravel evenly and compact it down to create a smooth surface.

  • Step 5 – Add a layer of new gravel to your driveway:

As time goes by, gravel driveways can become compacted, which leads to a loss of gravel. Adding fresh new gravel can help restore the driveway’s functionality and appearance. Spread the new gravel evenly over the driveway… you can use a rake to level it out.

My conclusion after researching:

A well-maintained gravel driveway can elevate your home’s curb appeal and provide a functional area for foot traffic and vehicles. Regular maintenance and cleaning can help increase lifespan, reduce weed growth, and prevent drainage issues. If you follow the steps outlined above, you can keep your gravel driveway looking attractive and clean for years.

Caution when using a pressure washer:

Cleaning gravel isn’t an easy job… always be careful of using a high-pressure force on gravel. If the pressure is too high, you risk making the gravel fly up, and this could damage its surroundings.

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