What is The Best Thing to Clean a Patio?

With the weather warming up and families spending more time outside, one question often arises: “What’s the best solution for cleaning patios?” No, we aren’t talking about finding solutions to fix problems with your patio. We’re talking about the actual cleaning solution to keep it pristine and presentable!

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For those of you who carry on reading… happy reading!! So, let’s dive in and explore this commonly asked query.

A Common Misunderstanding:

When we think of solutions, we often think of fixing a problem. However, when it comes to patio cleaning, it’s all about maintaining and ensuring longevity. Just like we wash our cars, our patios also need regular love and attention. You wouldn’t expect your car to remain clean after a single wash for a year. Similarly, even if sealed professionally, a patio will accumulate dirt over time.

Spot the Signs:

It’s summer, and as you step out onto your beloved patio, you notice a layer of grime or perhaps some early signs of algae or moss. The once shiny and clean surface now appears dull and tired. This is a natural process. Dirt, seeds, and rain can cause your patio to look old and worn out.

Just think of the road signs you see daily. Despite being vertical structures where rainwater swiftly runs down, many still gather a significant amount of green grime. If vertical structures can get so dirty, imagine the state of your flat patio!

Cleaning 101:

Before you reach for any specialised cleaning products, consider this. A simple flow of water from a hose combined with some good old-fashioned scrubbing with a stiff broom can do wonders. This method works especially well if it’s been just a year since your last professional cleaning.

However, if you’re past that stage and need more than water to cut it, consider using a pressure washer. Be cautious, though; you don’t want to inadvertently carve lines into your patio with a high-pressure stream. Opt for a pressure washer with a spinning head to distribute water evenly.

The Best Thing to Clean a Patio:

Now, turning to specialised cleaning solutions is advisable for those stubborn areas or when you feel the patio needs a deeper cleanse. Products like driveway cleaners from Smart Seal have proven to be effective. Remember to always check the dilution instructions to ensure effective and safe use. Such solutions can work wonders when combined with a bit of scrubbing and a subsequent wash.

Apart from general cleaners, specific cleaning solutions are available for targeted problems, like black spot removers or extreme cleaners, perfect for those trickier spots.

Be Eco-conscious When Choosing the Best Things to Clean a Patio:

While the urge might be to jump straight to powerful cleaning agents, it’s always good to start simple. A minimalistic approach is not only economical but also environmentally friendly. Water, as mentioned before, can be surprisingly effective. When you do need to use cleaning solutions, choose eco-friendly options.

Cleaning and maintaining a patio is much like taking care of any other part of your home. Regular attention, combined with the right tools and solutions, can keep it looking its best. Whether you choose to DIY or call in the professionals, remember that consistent care is key.

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 Written by Tracey Gilbey, Marketing and Admin Coordinator at Art of Clean.

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